giovedì 27 dicembre 2007

Spring Summer 2008 Ad campaigns Review

Personally I am loving most of these new ads...colorfoul and tasteful..(click to enlarge)
Lanvin has to be my favourite ad to this's just stunning...I love the colour of the dress and it's everything is so flowy and dreamy ...I am speechless!
You gotta love bold colours! these bags are amazing...and the bangles.. ahhhhhhhhh
YSL choose Kate Moss...and I love the result! she's chicer than ever in the campaign shots!
Sasha is the Prada girl once again... I'm loving the colour palette here...
Some Brazil!!! I love Brazil and Brazilian swimwear labels such as Rosa Cha...lovely Caroline Trentini!
And now on to the the first Roberto Cavalli ad is absolutely BLAH. So unflattering!
The only shot I would sort of save from this campaign is the one with Daria alone..I mean..she IS stunning ALL THE TIME.
Thanks to OhJane;alix*; faithakiyama @ tfs

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